If you don't read this and know it inside out, 
don't expect to ever serve Me in person.


I believe that control is all psychological and that
the physical is merely tools to achieve that end.
given time, I can break anyone.  I will
use all that I need to in order to get control. 

Lets start with the things that I do not do:
watersports, scat, blood, toilet training, ashtray,
crossdressing, feminization ( I am dominating a man,
not a woman! ) extreme pain, animals or children, also
no strapons. I respect any and all limits that a slave
lets me know beforehand, but they have to be
specifically outlined. 
I don't use a "safe word". 
In my opinion that's utter crap. 

Now, what I like
I love speech control, I find that a good base to
build off of. I like slaves to run errands for me,
cook, clean, etc. I do enjoy bondage, in particular
with strong chains. I enjoy gags and blindfolds,
restricting the senses so that you do not know what's
coming. I like riding crops, canes and whips. I like a
slave to kneel to me. I like to be worshipped as a
Goddess. I encourage my slaves to create an altar to
me. I love to slap and spank. The sound of flesh
against flesh is intoxicating. I tend to make people
shake and stutter when they meet me in person, hence I love intimidation. I like to be taken out to dinner,
and shopping in a nice vanilla setting and have a

I am intelligent young woman.  I like slaves to massage me, and yes you could say that I have a fetish for foot worship, in particular getting Me shoes. I like lotion put on me, and being completely pampered. If misbehavior occurs then I am swift to slap, tie up etc. the slave has his own corner and always sleeps on the floor. I also enjoy financial domination. either through direct control or through tribute. I expect any and all slaves to send Me tribute. In my opinion the slave should want and crave for me to live like a Goddess and will receive great joy in knowing that he is helping to make that possible. he will do whatever he can in order to ensure My comfort.

For the slaves that ask Me if I switch, I do switch.  I can go from being a very caring Domme, to becoming an incredibly brutal Mistress not caring about you at all if you mess up.  So the answer to the question, is yes, I can switch.

I do enjoy sexual servitude. If the
slave is good that is. Obviously my slaves orgasm only
when absolutely necessary and in that case, it is
often in a humiliating situation. I particularly enjoy
allowing a slave to bring himself just to the brink of
orgasm and then locking him back into his chastity
belt. It is prime amusement. I enjoy binding slaves so
that they cannot move see or speak-complete
helplessness. but most of all, I must emphasize that
it is all about psychological control. This takes
time and comes in stages. Everything that I enjoy
stems from this direct psychological control. I thrive
on the shaking, the nervousness, the awe with which
someone looks at me as they are putting on my shoes
for me. of course, that would be breaking a rule as
all slaves are to keep their heads bowed and eyes down
when in my presence. I enjoy real time and am
perfectly willing to meet with people as long as they
follow My procedure.

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