you know you want to spoil Me.
you know I deserve the best.


You're alone, you're looking to serve. But  you are far
away. You look out your window at the rain and dream
of being My servant, massaging Me and worshipping Me.
I know, I know that it is sad. But I have a solution
for you. Yes, W/we both wish that you could serve in
person but right now that is just not possible.  
Or it's not something that you desire at this time or can do right now..

Or, you prefer to be anonymous and treat Me like the
Goddess that I am from afar.  .. .

Well either way, I have the solution for you!

Here's what you can do to spoil Me anonymously or from

You can send Me gifts, letters or tribute to My
I am a small, a size 8 in shoes and loooooove corsets.
(you can go to fetish factory.com and see what Ive
picked out to get some ideas)

Either way, this is my address
Use it with care

Alina N.
P.O. Box 40532
Providence, RI 02940

Or if your lazy and like the comp you can send me some
lovely green through paypal.com
The email address that I use there is

Right now here are some of the things that I want:

Stereo system, automatic camera ( Not digital!), A new labtop. a vibrator, a dildo, another whip, a strapon, photo albums, a new slave lol, there are many other things. I love green tea, the color red and books. A gift certificate for books always works wonderfully. 
here is My amazon wish list.


Here, you can adopt one of My many bills. Note: None of these bills are currently taken. Bills can be split up among multiple slaves. Slaves that adopt a bill will recieve a photo and a pair of worn panties as well as My phone number to speak to Me whenever they wish. Want to Adopt- A -Bill?

Contact Me at Mistressalinan@hotmail.com 

Rent: 400 a month

Cell Phone: 65 a month

House phone: 35 a month 

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All Material on My website it copyrighted to Me,
unless otherwise credited.  Any theft of My images, or any other copyrighted material
on My website will be prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law permits.

all web difficulties should be reported to webslave@MistressAlina.com

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