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How to become My slave: I will be the best Mistress that you have ever had. And if you havenít had any then I will mold you into the best slave that you can be. I am perfectly willing to meet with people in person for casual or eventual 24/7 slavery. However, this is the Internet. And this world is a dangerous world. Not only that, but youíd be surprised at how many fake subs I get mail from. Now, I know you're not like that, so I have developed a procedure to tell one from the other.

You will send Me:

A current photograph of yourself, a letter of application, and tribute.

But, "i donít know what to do you cry! Where do i send it ? What do i write?" It's ok little slave. I've included some FAQs so that you donít get confused.


What do i include in the letter of application?

Well, you must include these essentials as well as anything else that you want to tell Me.


Location & are you willing to relocate:

Contact information ( email, phone, address etc - all or one of these):

Your previous BDSM experience:

Why you would be a good slave for Me:

What qualities you are looking for in a Mistress:

Your fetishes:

Why you adore Me:

What position you are applying for: Internet, casual or 24/7:

Make sure you tell me as much as you can about yourself so that I can make an informed decision!

Whats a tribute?

A tribute is a gift to Me. It is something that you send in with your application so that I know that you are truly a serious candidate. It is like when people used to bring gifts to the Gods to show that they worshipped them. Or you can think of it as an application processing fee. Basically, itís a gift for the use of My time.

What do i send?

Well, it depends. If your sending your application in through the mail then you send cash through paypal.com ( My email is Mistressalinan@hotmail.com ). If you are going through the mail then you may send Me a gift of whatever you wish. For more information on that see the Spoil Me page. slaves tend to send between $ 40 and $ 100. I do not judge by the size or appearance of the tribute but rather by the content of the letter!!!

OK, so i want to apply, where do i send all of this?

If you are applying online send you application, photo and tribute to mistressalinan@hotmail.com

If you are applying through regular mail send application, photo and tribute to

Alina N.
P.O. Box 40532
Providence, RI

Be sure that you include your contact information in the letter so that I can let you know if and when you have been accepted!!

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